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About Us

P3, People at the Point of Purchase, has been giving your brand and/or product visibility and effect on the Benelux market for over 15 years. P3 stimulates the sale of your products by increasing their visibility at the point of purchase. P3 ensures that your temporary and/or permanent promotional material is presented professionally at the sales point. P3 stands out for its close links with its permanent nucleus of field workers. The clear lines of communication between the client and the P3 project managers are also appreciated. You can follow the result in the shop online via the P3 app or via the P3 website.

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Herentalsebaan 450
B-2160 Wommelgem
Phone: +32 3 355 25 00
Fax: +32 800 32550

Managing partners
Christian Peeters

POS Merchandising

We install and update temporary or permanent POS material strategically in many sales points within a short space of time. Our goal is to attract the consumers’ attention and persuade them to make a purchase. With standard POS installations, we concentrate on a quality and strategic installation of your POS material. We take care of the storage and handling and guarantee you maximum return on your POS material.

Technical Merchandising

The challenge can never be great enough for technical merchandising: remodelling or complex merchandising projects are implemented expertly. All items are installed expertly by our staff. The quality of the installation contributes to the commercial success and image of your product. These merchandisers also have the skills to complete electrical, painting, or carpentry jobs successfully.

Creative Merchandising

Original ideas, innovation, and decorative feeling go hand in hand with creative merchandising, which is also known as enticement merchandising. Our stylists turn their creative souls to furnishing your sales points attractively. Their striking visual communication of your POS material makes precisely that difference when it catches and keeps the client’s attention. Again and again. The objectives are to create an atmosphere in the display window or in the sales point and to create a wow effect among the shop staff and consumers.

Online Warehousing

Since we store your POS material and manage it digitally in ideal conditions, materials can come directly from production to our warehouse and shipments can be sorted and prepared as required so that they can be supplied directly to the shop.

Online Field Reporting

Thanks to our rapid online reporting, you, the client, can easily follow all operations and activities as a result of your actions online. Via the P3 app and/or P3 website, you can consult photographs, visits, and delivery notes digitally and in any location.